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times the newsstand price without using an ounce of ink." kindred tells that steve coll, 11 years later, they have a retreat on the eastern shore and he has a proposal for "the post" to put their arms around the internet and nothing happens. the line was in 2003 " still came off as your grandpa's newspaper taped to the computer screen." that has changed, colby. >> it has changed, but it took a long time to get there. i have, from my place in annapolis, i had an outbreak, nonelectric royal -- operate, nonelectric royal typewriter. that was the means by whh we communicated to the public good today -- public. today, we have this which allows us to speak to everyone around the globe, take interest instantaneously, and create newsprint that is filed within seconds. newspapers are not obsolete, but they have change the way in which they deliver information to people. tastes have changed. some people do not read comics anymore. your publication does not even produce comics. >> we have a pulitzer prize winning cartoonist. >> we get our comics from fox news and msnbc. >> i re
ahead of her. recently got engaged. police questioned her fiancÉ but right now they tell us they don't have a motive or suspects. she was planning to get married this coming march. it was her fiancÉ who found her car at the park and called police, canine units were able to track her scent. the family initially became suspicious when she didn't report to work last week. she was a nurse for med star at st. mary's hospital. it's a busy time at that park. police hoping someone saw something out of the ordinary. reporting live in the satellite center this morning, john gonzalez, abc7 news. >> ok, john, thank you. we know one man is dead after being hit by a car in prince george's county. this happened overnight in upper marlboro. the driver did stay on the scene and police say alcohol was not a factor. >> and we're following another developing story out of d.c. this morning. one woman is in the hospital after an apartment fire in southeast. >> brianne carter joins us now live from that scene. she's got the latest. brianne? >> well, scott, this fire taking place in an apartment complex he
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the monument at lwo jet stream that, u.s. capitol. >> today would be a good day if you've got the day or afternoon off and take in some of the sights around our beautiful city, right, jacqui? >> absolutely and speaking of sights let's look at alexandria this morning, shall we? because that looks equally as beautiful, just in a different way. notice a little bit of the haze. we don't really have any fog in the d.c. metro area but you go just to our south and west and we're starting to deal with that a little bit. you can see there is some cloudiness. it's mostly high and thin level clouds unfortunately just enough to block out the perseid meteor shower last night. we have a dense fog advisory in effect until 8:00 this morning from warren through rappahannock into culpeper and orange counties. everybody to the south and west of there. and that visibility may drop down to below a quarter mile at times. use some caution. might be patchy into the metro but nothing significant. we've been seeing touches you have that around manassas. if you'll be traveling today you should be fine overall.
on some of the roadways as that heavy rain comes down. but the weekend, which, of course, is upon us -- happy friday, by the way -- are looking better. we can't rule out showers altogether this weekend but the majority of it is looking better. we'll have that in your end in in a few minutes. right now from the belfort furniture weather center, we need to go to wtop, amanda is out today and bob bob is in the wtop traffic center. >> 295 moving well into town, no issues coming in on pennsylvania avenue or on route 50. we're steady headed through annapolis and bowie, coming in on route 50, right now 97 a good go on the north and southbound direction, checking in without any major incidents. looking good through southern maryland, through brandywine or clinton, and folks traveling in virginia no accidents affecting i-95, should be a smooth roll from fredericksburg through quantico headed up the northbound direction. i'm rob woodfork live from the wtop traffic center, let's go back to jummy and scott. >> thank you, rob. the president is expected to address a new terror threat at today's ne
terror groups are a potential danger to u.s. citizens throughout that country. >> and president obama is likely to be questioned about the global terror threat at a pre-vacation news conference today at the white house. he already knows to expect questions about the growing strain on the relationship with russia. >> we had a lot of fish to fry, if you will, with the russians. >> one op one meeting with president vladimir putin during a trip to russia next month, we're going to have a lot more that coming up in a live report at 6:30. >> a woman is in custody after police say she abducted her own sons and then led them on an hours-long manhunt. the two boys are now back in protective custody this morning. our john gonzalez has more on this developing story. he is live outside of d.c. police headquarters in northwest washington. john? >> jummy, a possible child abuse case turned abduction. this morning we're told the two boys are safe and sound but still a lot of questions this morning. this was a seven-hour manhunt and it all started, of all places, at children's hospital here in the di
because u.s. officials believe the drone strikes in yemen this week actually got the plotters? >> george, officials say the plotters of this specific plan were not killed in strikes in yemen, but the dead are part of the network of terrorists trying to kill americans. intelligence officials believe the plan was to send a truck bomb into the u.s. embassy there. but a senior u.s. official, that because of the actions taken, the terrorists have likely moved the explosives out of the vehicle and are changing tactics. adding that we think that the imminent threat dissipated, but fear they have gone back to ground waiting for the next opportunity to strike. this immediate threat may have passed, but the threat of terrorism never passed. >> we heard from u.s. officials that tlebl that the nsa surveillance programs helped track this emerging threat. the president announced some reforms on friday in those programs. and had tough words for the nsa leaker edward snowden, said he was not a patriot. take a look. >> mr. snowden's been charged with three felonies. if he believes what he did was right,
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with us on this tuesday morning. we will start with your weather, head over to jackie do talk about the forecast, you rah going to need that umbrella today, jackie. >> . >> all right, we will -- we are going to get back to jackie in just a second, they are having a little bit of a technical issue, let's get on over to amanda. >> 66 eastbound, with ehave a work zone that is still lingering this morning. now, we just got word that the two left lanes are closed. we can see on this live shot that they are staying in that far right lane, and it looks hay may have just picked up those cones there. that camera beaks up every once in a while. hopefully that will get cleared soon. our mapping system shows thaws will be eastbound. the right lane was closed but the traffic center, tells us that they do have that moved over to the shoulder now. so all lanes are open, just expect some slight slow downs there, as well as on the inner loop after rout 29. with some alternate c. mayoring lane closures there. 295 looks beautiful, headed into the 11th street bridge, as well as the douglas bridge, dela
use those. we also have a shot from our cameras and that shows you the same scene is there, a little bit closer up. again, the two left lanes closed. the other thing you can see, if you can remove that super you can see the tow truck there, and that is getting that car up on to the flat bed, so that's going to be great news once they do get that cleared. question also have got an indent working on the g.w. parkway, heading over to our mapping system that will be g.w. parkway in both directions. they are getting that tree cleared, rout one at fort hud road. that is clearing though, so that should be out of here soon. not too bad if you are coming in 95. for now, i will send it back to you. >> okay, amanda thank you. 6:02, following the developing story in dallas. police there arrested a man for a shooting spree that ended with four people dead, four others injuries and children are among the victims. >> investigators say the man shot four people in his ex-girlfriend's home in dallas. she wasn't there. he then went about seven miles and tossed an explosive device into a house. after it
. this as most u.s. diplomats were ordered out of lenore to islamabad. according to a senior state department official the threat is different from the one that forced the closure of 19 other diplomatic posts earlier this week. >> it's prudent to protect lives and it's certainly important to keep the terrorists from being able to carry out a devastating attack. >> 16 air strikes in yemen, u.s. officials believe this plot is still active and reaches up to the highest level of al qaeda and those leaders are likely getting help from the nearly 2,000 prisoners who peanutly escaped from iraq, libya and pakistan. >> it's possible they could be suicide bombers, it's possible they could become combatants, some may have capabilities in terms of bomb-making which is always of concern. >> with so many embassies and consulates are closed experts are worried they'll set their sights on a soft target like a hotel. president obama will address a preference today, his last day before going on vacation to martha's vineyard. >> two young boys in protective custody after police say their mother abducted them. t
and they are, we're told out of the world. >> linda bell joins us from bloomberg headquarters in new york with more. good morning. >> happy monday morning, jummy and scott. big deal done over the week, rom well collins agreed to acquire carlyle group's r rank, $1.4 billion, making it the biggest every space and defense deal done this year. it helps rockwell expand business outside the cockpit with the ground based navigational networks. speaking of deals, walt disney acquired lucas film for more than $4 billion, if you're a big star wars fan, the movie is going to play a bigger role at the themes parks. disney made hints over the weekend while highlighting attractions, expect to see star wars characters in the parks. disney is planning to create star wars land at mgm studios in florida. bad news here, it's not just the government tracking your every move now your favorite store you shop in may also be tracking you as well. i'll explain coming up in the next hour. live at bloomberg headquarters in new york, i'm linda bell reporting for abc7 news. back to you. >> ok, linda, we'll be looking
the tunnel. not looking too bad on the inner and outer loop, but if you do use the inner loop, through the district heights area, you are going to experience a work zone through that stretch as well. 95 in maryland, looking absolutely beautiful, no problems orr delays there. and speaking of the belt way, we have a live shot that shows you current conditions there. very light traffic on the inner as well as the outer loop there. i will send it back to jummy and scott. >> is our top story this morning. investigators looking into what started ask apartment fire in southeast washington that sent six people to the hospital. no word on the extent of the injuries. that fires started in the 800 block of denver street. we will have a live report from the scene coming up at the top of our 5:00 hour. >> following another developing story, out of d.c. this morning that's where police are looking into an officer involved shooting. now the detailed are very squares, but we do know that a suspect shot a juvenile in the 3,000 block of deboyce street. at some point, a police officer also damaged his or
, especially not this morning. 79-degrees is our temperature to start us off, so we are warm to kick things off. we should make it this afternoon into the mid to upper 80's. 77 degrees with thunderstorms possible. i think we will get that break midday, and then thunderstorms again this evening 83 degrees. our high today about 87. and i have a big cool down, and gorgeous weather once i get through the day, so hang in there and i will tell you about that coming up. headed down towards the belt way. you may run into a few delays there. we are getting word from the traffic center, that they are on scene. if you do use the dullless airport lane, the right lane is closed there. seeing a little bit of ebb and flow near the springfield interchange. they just picked up a work zone there, 66 eastbound, no problems or delays heading in from centerville, or fay fax to 70. same deal. no delays or incidents to report, but the inner loop just after rout 29 is working a construction zone at this time. we have got a live shot for you showing you the inner and outer near river road. and you can see those head li
me? so here is a man that has given us so many wonderful, wonderful events in his own life through the work of the holy spirit. and we seeim brave, courageous, bold, and yet he had the same issue that many people have today. and that's he went through those times of discouragement. well the psagef scripture i want to ve you a good example of one of those times of discouragement in his life. let me give you a lile background. king saul had been chasing him for years trying to kill him. finay he and his six hundreded men went over to the philistines and said, you know, we want to be on your side. and so, they would fight for the philistine and the king, theyecamgood friends. in facact, he couldn't have said anytything finer about d david n he said about him. here's what he said. as the lord lives, you've been up right in your going out and your coming in with me in the army are pleasing in my sight. for i have n not found evil in u from the day of your coming into me to this d day.rtheless, you t pleasing in the sight of the lord. the lords were the commanders of the philistine army
on the roadways already this morning. that's right, we are seeing a lot of activity, if you use that in your morning commute, there is two incidents you need to be aware of. first off you have this incident going on. rout 50, we have reports of police activity and a pedestrian struck, so we are still monitoring conditions on that. that is a serious crash, with seriousdy lays you can see just sitting still, that back up is just like a parking lot. we also have a crash working and we are going to show you another camera shot there. and that is that same crash i was just talking about at rout 50. so again, this is a little bit closer up. you can see the two right lanes are closed. new accident, after rout 28, that has the right lane closed coming in through centerville. cleared that construction, that we have picked up, not too bad on 95, coming in through dale city and wood bridge. heavy and steady in patches and then the inner as well as the outer loop, as well as the maryland side, moving right along right now this morning. i will send it back to jummy and scott. >> all right, thank you. our
of people have plans outdoors today. some of us are going to concerts, and it is going to be raining. >> j.t. >> i know e. 0% chance that you will have some rain at the concert tonight. i do think our best chance of showers and thunderstorms will be this afternoon and this evening. and we will have a better opportunity for that today. i think than we had yesterday, as our cold front gets closer. we are warm already this morn with a lot of moisture to work with. 77-degrees is our temperature at the 5:00 hour. including into the baltimore area, where you can see most of that skirted to the south. along 995, south of d.c., and over towards southern maryland. rainfall totals just in the last 24 hours pretty impressive. there's about an inch and a half. a third of an inch for you in martinsburg, and we p didn't record anything in d.c. our express forecast, i think we will say dry through the morning. parentally sunny by the noon hour, and then scatters showers this afternoon. 84 degrees at 5:00 o'clock. so temperatures slowly working their way up. will we be feeling like summer again? that's co
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